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Zhejiang Petrochemical 40 million ton refining and chemical integrated torch general contracting (one of the world's largest torch systems)
Ningbo Zhongjin Aromatic Hydrocarbon 4000 tons+/hour Multipoint Ground Torch (World's Largest)
Sichuan Petrochemical 50 tons/day hazardous waste treatment rotary kiln incinerator project
Anhui Anqing Petrochemical Acrylonitrile Plant AOGC Incinerator
Yanshan Petrochemical 39000Nm3/h Waste Gas RTO Incinerator
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Sinopec Zhenhai Refining and Chemical High Altitude+Ground Torch Joint Operation

The high-priced torch is designed and manufactured with 6 torches in total, with a maximum discharge capacity of 1640t/h for a single torch,

The total height of the main torch is 168 meters.

Equipped with two enclosed ground torches, a single enclosed ground torch is designed with a processing capacity of (100+12) t/h, and its torch processing capacity and tower height reach the leading level in Asia.


Zhejiang Zhoushan Base and Integrated Torch Project

Completed and put into operation in 2019. Tower 1 # has a total of 8 flare heads with a height of 150m, Tower 2 # has a total of 2 flare heads with a height of 165m, Tower 3 # has a total of 6 flare heads with a height of 150m, and the ground flare processing capacity is 3 * 150t/h+1 * 180t/h


Ningbo Zhongjin Petrochemical Open Ground Torch

The world's largest multi-point open ground torch, completed in 2013, has expanded its emissions to nearly 4000t/h

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